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Kwikset 81829-001 6-Way Round Face Plain Latch Collar Kwikset 81467 Lock Cylinder Remover Kwikset 3437 3CP Rectangular Latch Strike Plate
Kwikset Latch Collar, 6-Way Commonly referred to as "Pickle Fork." Use for servicing cylinders. Standard on non-UL locksets. Full lip square corner. 2-1/4 in H, 1-5/8 in CTC.
Kwikset 81845-001 6-Way Plain Latch Service Kit Kwikset 81844-001 6-Way Dead Latch Service Kit Kwikset 81826-001 6-Way Adjustable Plain Handle Latch
Interchangeable face places, round corner, square corner and drive in. Interchangeable face places, round corner, square corner and drive in. Steel adjustable plain latch with round corner, square corner, & drive in face plates for Kwikset passage knobs and levers.
Kwikset 81846-001 6-Way Adjustable Dead Latch Core Kwikset 81825-001 6-Way Adjustable Dead Bolt Latch Prime Line E 2281 Replacement Passage Door Spring Latch
Steel adjustable deadlatch core for Kwikset security, maximum security, Ultramax security entry knobs and levers. Steel adjustable deadlatch with round corner, square corner, & drive in face plates for Kwikset Security, Maximum Security, Ultramax Security entry knobs and levers. Square corner faceplate. Works with a 5/16 in Star drive. Used on old style passage door locksets. Includes 1 latch and 1 set of installation screws. 1-1/32 in x 2-1/4 in.
Schlage 40-251 Dead Bolt Latch Kwikset 3014 Drive-In Square Corner Dead Bolt Latch Kwikset 83262-001 Re Keying Kit
For exterior doors. Replaces 3 different latches. Faceplate options square and round corners or circular drive in. Circular drive in option requires 1 in bore, standard. Fits 2-3/8 in or 2-3/4 in backsets housing diameter 7/8 in. 1 in W x 2-1/4 in H front. For Kwikset applications. May also be used in place of a plain latch for applications requiring this backset. Polished brass finish. SmartKey Rekeying kit includes a SmartKey learn tool, 4 pre-cut replacement "everyday" keys and 2 pre-cut "temporary" keys.
Smart Key 83260-001 Reset Cradle Porter-Cable 59375 Strike and Latch Template Kwikset 81847-001 6-Way Adjustable Plain Latch Core
A tool for resetting the SmartKey cylinder if it has been improperly programmed. Install doorknobs with this strike and latch template. It's a professional quality kit that makes it easy to mortise latch and strike plate openings with any 1/4 in collet router. Various settings for strike and latch plate sizes ensure precise results. Steel adjustable plain latch core for Kwikset passage knobs and levers.
Master Lock 376 Hand Held Lock Keying Tool Schlage 40-134 Small Re Keying Kit Kwikset 92720-001 Keying Kit
For universal pin Series uncoded padlocks. For use on# 1UP (673.6896), 1UPLJ (673.6888), 3UP (673.6904), 3UPLF (673.6870), 5UP (673.6920) and 5UPLF (673.6912). Keying kit snap-tight plastic box. Bottom pins, top pins, pin springs, cylinder caps, cap, pins, key gauge and follower bar. #272 kit for rekeying Kwikset locks. Kit includes master pins, plug clip, knob set, springs, deadbolt locking bar, pin cover, PK balls, key step gauge, depth key, top pin, cylinder removing tool, plug following tool, rekeying tool, bottom pins, anti-pick pins for 980 deadbolts. Packed in a heavy-duty metal case.
Schlage 40-132 Retail Keying Kit
Includes bottom pins, top pins, pin springs, cylinder caps, cap springs and pins, B Series cylinder bars, key gauge, follower bar, cap removal tool and retaining rings. Packed in a seal-tight metal box.